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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

March 2015 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2015-03-01 (31 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2015-03-01 Notes and Transcripts from Retreat - pdf file attached 0:00
Sayadaw U Jagara
(Recording not available) 
Attached Files:
  • Notes and Transcripts - March 2015 (PDF)
2015-03-02 General Introduction 52:32
Sayadaw U Jagara
Introduction of the theme: Gradual Training and Causal Principle
2015-03-04 Q&A 48:07
Sayadaw U Jagara
Detailed explanation of "guarding the sense-door" as given in previous talk, with three methods
2015-03-06 Approach to Meditation seen From Danta Bhumi Sutta, MN: 125 65:38
Sayadaw U Jagara
MN:125 dealing with renunciation, virtue, sense control, mindfulness, the hindrances and entry to satipatthana by insight. Followed by tranquility. A variant of the gradual training
2015-03-10 Medicine, Diet and the Five Hinderances 1:11:53
Sayadaw U Jagara
Origin of herbal medicine and similar causal principles applied to dealing with mental unbalance and more, especially, the five hinderances
2015-03-13 How New Discoveries Are Made 48:39
Sayadaw U Jagara
The purpose of tranquility (samatha) and of insight. The way we look at things can give us new perspective and deeper knowledge of them.
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